Contact and Review Policy

I'm currently closed to most requests.

If still decide to reach out to me, please be aware that it might take several months for a review, and sometimes I simply won't get around to reading the book.

Life and work often gets in the way of reading, and this is a hobby not my job, but even if I were to start reading all day long, I still couldn't keep up with the volume of requests sent my way.

I try to reply to every email, however, sometimes they slip through the cracks. I apologise.

I love physical copies, but I live in the UK and know how expensive it is to ship books, so I do understand it's usually not possible to receive one.

Send me an e-mail at booksinblankets[at]

I'm mostly interested in the following genres:
  • Science Fiction 
  • Fantasy
I read most genres, but I'm not interested in religious fiction, self-help, short stories or romance that isn't also fantasy or sci-fi.

My Twitter and my Goodreads.

Find me on the Internet: @Vinjii

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    #1 The Deal of the Art
    #2 The Next Generation
    #3 The Golden Eagle Has Yielded

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