Contact and Review Policy

While I will always consider review copies sent my way, I often have to decline. I get dozens of requests every week.

If you do reach out to me, please be aware that it might take several months for a review.

Sometimes life and work gets in the way of reading, and this is a hobby not my job, but even if I were to start reading all day long, I still couldn't keep up with the volume of requests sent my way.

I will, however, always make time for TBRindr authors (but please be patient with my reading speed.)

I try to reply to every email, however, sometimes they slip through the cracks. I apologise.

I love physical copies, but I live in the UK and know how expensive it is to ship books, so I do understand it's usually not possible to receive one.

Send me an e-mail at booksinblankets[at]

I'm mostly interested in the following genres:
  • Science Fiction 
  • Fantasy 
  • YA 
I read most genres, but I'm not interested in religious fiction, self-help, short stories or romance that isn't also fantasy or sci-fi.

My Twitter and my Goodreads.

Find me on the Internet: @Vinjii

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  1. I'm writing to see if you'd be interested in taking a look at THE NIGHT BAZAAR VENICE: Thirteen Tales of Forbidden Wishes and Dangerous Desires, to consider it for a review. It's the second volume in the series, but each is a standalone work and needn't be read in any particular order.

    This second volume of the dark fantasy series is set in 14th Century Venice. The Night Bazaar, a secret marketplace of the rare, strange, occult, and dangerous, is not anchored in one era by Time. Its vendors specialize in curious services or rare objects which cannot be had elsewhere, for any price. This forbidden market has operated throughout history in various locales, appearing in a city for one week only, and then never again.

    The eerie, fantastic, and magical works by 13 authors recount the Bazaar's first recorded appearance -- in St. Mark’s Square, in the plague year of 1348. Some tales take place in those medieval days of fear, witchcraft, pandemic, and murder. Other, more contemporary stories center on objects originating from that first Bazaar – found, inherited, purchased, or stolen during the centuries since, by the unsuspecting, foolish, and greedy (though seldom the completely innocent). Together, the linked stories take readers on an extended, fantastical journey into astonishment, dread, and dark delight.

    Publisher's Weekly said of the first volume: "Appealing to those who like their fantasy served with a side of psychological horror, this anthology is sure to entertain." Of volume two, the recent review PW says, "Together the tales form a sumptuous carnival, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the mystical underworld of plague-ridden Europe. These dark flights of fancy delight."

    I know you're located in the UK, but we'll be happy to spring for the international postage. If you're interested, let me know and I'll ship you an ARC!

    Best Wishes,

    Lenore Hart, Editor
    Northampton House Press