Tuesday 13 September 2016

Reading Classics with the Serial Reader App

Have you ever wished you could maybe read Les Misérables? Or Bleak House? Then decided you don't have the time or energy?

Or it's too daunting?

Along comes the Serial Reader App

You can find it here for iOS.

What does it do, you ask? There's a huge database of classic literature that is available at no cost because the copyright expired. The Serial Reader App divides each book into manageable chunks that take between 10 and 20 minutes to read. The snippets get delivered to your phone once a day. You can choose the delivery time and you can set the app to notify you when the next installment arrived.

I decided to try reading Les Misérables. Possibly one of the longest. It'll apparently take me 233 days to get through. Maybe start with Mary Shelly's Frankenstein? Only 28 days.

The app is free, however if you'd like to read ahead you'll have to purchase the full version, which is actually quite tempting. But, I haven't yet taken that step.
Also I'm eyeing Ulysses. Just because at one point I have to at least give that one a try. That book scares me, even in small chunks.

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