Tuesday 28 March 2017

TTT (9) - Authors I Want to Meet (or Have Met)

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This week's topic is all about authors you want to meet or favourite authors you've been lucky to meet!

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I'm not a very social person (unless I'm on the Internet, somehow online I'm super social) and quite the introvert. Going to signings and stuffs always makes me a bit nervous. (Who am I kidding? It makes me very nervous.) So, I don't actually think I can put 10 authors together that I've met, but I can definitely put a few together that I'm interested in meeting at some point and hope to get to exchange a few words with.
I have met:

Neil Gaiman. I've seen him on stage several times. Thankfully he potters about London quite a bit. There was a Q&A at the Apple Store a couple of years ago for Trigger Warnings. And an evening with him and Amanda Palmer, though there was no meeting him personally. I got a personalised "feel better" signature in The Ocean at the End of the Lane.  And I've been to a reading of Norse Mythology.

Tom Toner. Have I mentioned this great chap from London that wrote this ultra complicated Science Fantasy that plays in the 147th century and humanity has evolved into different species and we found space travelling dinosaurs? He signed his second book a few weeks back in London and I jumped at the opportunity to tell him that I loved his book but that it also gave me a headache because it was so complex.

Hm. And... that's it... wow. I need to go to bookstores more often (while there's a signing, obviously.) And I need to stop stalking Neil Gaiman.

I'd like to meet:

J. K. Rowling. I don't think she needs an explanation.

Adrian Tchaikovsky. So far I've only read one book by him. Children of Time. But I really liked that one and he just sounds like a very interesting man. And the cover of the first book in his new series looks gorgeous, doesn't it?

Stephen King. Because of no other author have I read this many books and that man scared the shit out of me as a child... and made me cry and shiver as an adult.

Maggie Stiefvater. Maybe I can absorb some of her talent.

Diana Gabaldon. Just because she provided countless hours of entertainment in my 20's.

Could I resurrect Jane Austen and Charlotte Brontë, please?

Which authors would you like to meet or have met?


  1. Amazing list! I wanna read Outlander and then watch the series. Its been on my tbr for a long time. Have to get to it soon.
    Here's My TTT

  2. Stephen King would probably be a fascinating person to meet, I'd love to listen to him talk about writing and his approach to his craft.

    1. Yes, definitely, such a fascinating mind, I'd love to pick his brain!

  3. WOW I'm so jealous! Neil Gaiman! I'd like to meet J. K. Rowling too of course but I think I would just go MUTE with shock. UGH don't get me started with Maggie Stiefvater. I CANNOT READ HER and it drives me crazy because I KNOW her books have great stories.

  4. So great that you got to meet Neil Gaiman! I think J.K Rowling is definitely one almost every book lovers' bucket list of authors to meet :) Oh, and I'd love to meet Maggie Stoefvater as well!