Monday 24 April 2017

Sunday Post (15) - We've Got a Snail

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The snail I told you about last week, which we found with a hole in its shell, is now living permanently with us. My girlfriend walked into the pet store yesterday afternoon and bought a nice box, a gigantic plastic strawberry (for hamster cages) for the snail to hide in, a water and a food dish, and moss. The woman at the checkout raised an eyebrow and asked, what animal is this for? Clearly worried, we know nothing about keeping whatever it is she thought we were trying to keep. And my girlfriend stares at her and says, a snail? Reply: Oh, you've got one of those giant African snails? Nope. A garden snail, which we found on the ground after rain while out jogging.

Meet Sheldon in his new food dish.

  Last week on my blog:
Last week in my kitchen: I made one of my regular dishes yesterday that I tend to make whenever I get my hands on bone in, skin on chicken thighs. It's a Greek style dish with chicken and lemon rice and it's delicious. You can find it here.

And for Dragonfly over at Our Familiarium, here's a picture of my duck from last week. Plating is not my strength!

Next week on my blog: I'm a bit behind my reviews, but I also got behind with my reading because I started playing Dark Souls 3. Bad, Olivia, bad! Hopefully I get around to Little Big Lies, The Obelisk Gate and The Lions of Al-Rassan.

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I wish everyone a great week!


  1. I think is so cute you have a snail as a pet :) Love the interaction with the pet store lady :)I wish I could have seen her face ;-)

    hahahaha I'm such a Dory! I'm reading about your chicken and looking at the picture below thinking [oh oh Olivia made a mistake, there is no lemon rice, actually, no rice whatsoever in that dish LOL!)

    Oh thanks a lot for posting the picture of the duck!!! OMG I"M HUNGRY NOW Olivia! It looks GOOD! and pretty even though you don't think so! I love the elegant simplicity of the asparagus and little roasted potatoes!

    1. I am so glad you like my duck! I always watch Masterchef and am a bit sad when I realise how NICE their plates look? And mine is just FOOD lol And the pet store lady was so funny :D

  2. SHELDON IS SO CUTEE!! And he looks so happy there <33 I can assume the pet store lady was startled :P

    And congratulations! With that plate of glorious food, you've made me hungry and I JUST ATE!! :P Also I'm currently wearing braces so can't eat a lot of stuff *cry* Have a glorious week :)

    1. Awww, thank you for dropping by :D I hope he's happy <3 poor guy and his hole in his shell!