Wednesday 5 April 2017

TTT (10) - Top Ten Fandoms I'm a Part Of

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This week it's all about the inner nerd with a fandom freebie.

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They decided to talk about the fandoms they're a part of and I thought why not... I was quite fanatic about some shows and books when I was younger, I seem to have calmed a bit, but only just a bit.

Some of these shows are from a long time ago and some are newer, I thought I should go for a healthy mix between past and present.
  • Buffy. Probably one of the first shows. I loved Faith. And Angel. And Giles. And Buffy herself. Developed a crush on Willow. Shipped Xander with Cordelia. Fell in love with Anya. Etc. 
  • Charmed. Wow. I still don't know how Charmed happened, at first I didn't like it much but I always had a thing for Prue Halliwell, even before I realised I was gay. And then I joined a message board and started roleplaying. On the dark side. Of course.
  • Friends. I love Ross and Rachel. I had such a crush on Rachel. And that entire show... I probably watched each episode more than five times. Whenever I was done with the last episode of the last season I'd just pop the first one back in.
  • Alias. Lena Olin, mostly. But the entire show was fabulous. I wrote fanfiction. I joined message boards and speculated...
  • Venice. If you were a lesbian around the year 2007/2008 and active online chances are you heard of Otalia, a lesbian couple on the soap opera Guiding Light. Played by Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia. After Guiding Light ended the two moved on and did their own web series called Venice The Series.
  • Battlestar Galactica. I loved every minute of this. They are all my personal heroes. I feel like I know each character. I babbled when a few years ago I met Adama and son at the comic convention in London. And of course, Laura Roslin.
  • Doctor Who. A show so silly should not be able to break your heart. But it does... it rips it out and then stomps around on it while laughing.
  • Grey's Anatomy. I stopped watching but for a while we were definitely in a relationship.
  • The Devil Wears Prada. There was a time in my 20's when I had an unhealthy relationship with Meryl Streep and mostly with her character in The Devil Wears Prada. I wrote fanfiction and I watched the film more times than I'd care to admit.
  • Pride and Prejudice. Yes. Always. Read the book 25 times if not more. Watched the BBC 1995 mini series with Colin Firth about as many times...
I hope everyone is having a great week :)


  1. I'm not a TV watcher and don't often see movies so if I ever do have a fandom it's always book-related. I love Meryl Streep. It's like she can do no wrong and 100% inhabits every role she plays. Miranda in The Devil Wears Prada was so fierce. Confession time: I've never seen the P&P version with Colin Firth! I feel like that's generally considered the best and yet I've never seen it. Only the one with Kiera Knightley. Must fix that soon.

    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

    1. Yes, definitely fix that soon, but also have many hours ready haha, it's about 6 hours long all in all!

  2. Love Friends! And Devil Wears Prada is such a good film :)
    My TTT:

  3. Ahh! Buffy! Charmed! Friends! SOOOOOOOO good. I never got into the rest although I did enjoy The Devil Wears Prada and I LOVE Pride and Prejudice - the book AND the BBC miniseries (THE BEST!!!).

    Awesome list!

    1. Right, the BBC series is the best, haha!

  4. Buffy and Doctor Who made my list this week too! For some reason, I never was all that into Charmed...

    Lauren @ Always Me