Monday 7 August 2017

Sunday Post (22) - Why so cold, August?

I'm pretty convinced the universe still hates me. 
Yesterday, during a walk through the English countryside I rolled my ankle and there was a nauseating crunch. I sat down for 10 minutes and then managed to walk back to the car... bandaged it up and am now keeping it still. It hurts a lot when I move it in certain ways but the swelling is minor and I can put weight on it without problem. I've been told that that means it's a minor sprain and to just let it heal. Sigh. If you want to catch up on my July and why I'm convinced the universe is after me, read my post Come on, Universe?!

August is presenting itself pretty cold so far and I guess there will be no sports even for me mid September, instead I will be resting my foot and waiting to be able to run again. Sigh.
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Last week on my blog: 
  • Crazy House by James Patterson (fun romp, but ultimately nothing new and a generic YA dystopian fantasy.)
  • The Lions of Al-Rassan by Guy Gavriel Kay (alternative history, medieval Spain in a fantasy setting, wonderful book.)
  • Red Sister by Mark Lawrence (grimdark fantasy that is wonderful and poetic and basically what I imagine Arya Stark's life could have been.)
  • Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor (wonderfully written YA fantasy but the romantic element is insta-love and I just don't like that...)

Last week in my kitchen: I tried this breakfast/brunch recipe last week. Shakshuka. A North African dish with tomatoes, peppers, spices and eggs. It was delicious. Essentially you simmer all the ingredients, then make little wells for the eggs to sit in and wait until the egg white cooks but the yolk stays runny. Must make again!

Next week the plan is not to injure myself, not to get ill and instead write and read and live life as if my 33 year old body hadn't decided to stop working like it's supposed to. 

I'm currently reading a ton of books and I'm enjoying most immensely.



I hope everyone has a great reading week!


  1. I love Red Sister. Sorry the universe hates you. Hopefully she spies someone else to torment and moves on.

    1. Yeah, hopefully she moves on! Thank you for stopping by :)

  2. I'm so sorry that you injured your foot/ankle! I'm in New England and it's been a terrible summer. I don't think I've ever seen so much rain and clouds this time of year. It hasn't been too cold, though it was pretty blustery out today...

    1. I hope that maybe September will be better? We had a heatwave in June, which was horrible as well, mostly because it's always so very humid here.

  3. Ouch, that's a horrible sound when you hear it! I sprained my ankle in- of all places- a hospital once. Waiting on my mom's procedure, had been sitting for a long time and I got up too quick and when I moved I heard this horrible pop and my ankle about gave out. It was a moderate sprain. Anyway hope you're feeling better!

    Wow that dish looks really good! Assassin's Quest- I remember reading those books.

    1. There was no pop and no bruising so I hope it wasn't a bad sprain... just a crunch, horrible horrible sound... and the Farseer trilogy is so much fun!

  4. Oh no I'm so sorry about your ankle!! You really seem to be cursed when it comes to injuries :( I hope the universe leaves you alone for a while.

    That dish looks amazing!! I may or may not be drooling ;)

    Enjoy those books :) Most of them are new to me, but I like the cover for Malice.

    Hope you have a wonderful week, Olivia, and get to rest a bit and read!

    Amy @ A Magical World Of Words

    1. Malice is wonderful so far if you're into fantasy! :) Happy reading!

  5. Oh Olivia! You poor thing! I'm convinced our bodies in our 30s are trying to have some form of revenge for something. I just feel old. I'm taking up yoga to try feel like less of an old lady!

    I hope you're successful in meeting all your goals - especially no injuries or illness!

    Have a great week.

  6. Nooo, not more dished out from the universe. Sorry to hear about the ankle. Sprains can be so horrible. I certainly hope it heals quickly.
    More reading time while you're giving it a rest? Trying to find a silver lining here...

  7. The Shakshuka looks so good!

    I gave your Bloglovin' a follow! :)

    Would you mind checking out my book reviews blog at El's Book Reviews and possibly give it a follow? Super excited to read your posts!

    - El