Tuesday 3 July 2018

Sorcerous Rivalry by Kayleigh Nicol

Book Title: Sorcerous Rivalry
Author: Kayleigh Nicol
Genre: Fantasy with a strong romantic element
My Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Source: A paperback review copy provided by the author

Amazon UK, Goodreads 

Plot Summary: In the peace following the Great Mage Hunt, the king's long-time mistress is revealed as a sorceress. Locked away for the safety of the kingdom, bounties are placed upon the heads of the seven children she birthed. Mage hunters have scoured the kingdom for four years, searching for the seven scattered mage-born bastards.
After growing up in an orphanage, Reshi discovers his parentage and learns to hide his magic, living peacefully in a remote village with an unusual friend. But when an alluring mage hunter comes to town, his secret is revealed, forcing Reshi to reach out to his brothers and sisters for help. A family reunion might be Reshi's only hope for survival--or it might become a spell-slinging battle royale.
Who can Reshi rely on when his own family turns against him?
Thank you, Kayleigh Nicol, for providing me with a review copy of this book. Also a big thank you goes to Esme over at the Weatherwaxreport for setting up TBRindr.

What did I think?

I enjoyed Sorcerous Rivalry a lot and read it on a sunny Sunday, lying on a beach towel in the shade, while occasionally dipping into the Hampstead Heath ponds in London.

It's the perfect read for such a day.

I'm not usually a fan of romance (and this is not strictly romance but more fantasy with a romantic element), but this book turned out to be such a nice surprise. The romance is m/m, and I'm always interested in reading diverse books. The romantic element is not the main emphasis of the book, does not follow your typical romance plot, and the two leads have great chemistry and are basically just perfect.

Sorcerous Rivalry is written in the first person from the point of view of Reshi. Reshi is endearing and fun. His ideal life consists of flirting, drinking and taking pretty things to bed, and you just can't help but find him adorable. (I dare you to read this and not like Reshi!) I fell in love with Kestral, the other lead, almost immediately, because of how serious and correct he is. Plus, they both carry the burden of a hidden and painful past, and, I must admit, I'm a sucker for that!

All characters are well developed, and the pacing is great from the very start. The prose is filled with humour, and everything that happens is just so damn entertaining, that I could not put it down. There's dark moments, but overall the tone is light and uplifting, and there were a few scenes that made me feel all warm and bubbly. Overall, the style is comfortable and made me feel like I belonged. I love when an author manages to do that!

There's plenty of magic, and each mage we encounter has unique powers. The world building is not intricate and detailed, but there's enough to support the fantastic plot, and I can't wait to discover more in the sequel.

I recommend Sorcerous Rivalry to any fantasy fan who likes a bit of romance and enjoys fast-paced battles and is looking for a fun romp.


  1. I don’t often reach for fantasy but I must say I do like the sound of this one. I already like the sound of Reshi and since I’m a sucker for romance I’d probably love he and Kestrel. :)

    1. It was just such a nice refreshing and heart-warming read that my news-battered cynical soul apparently very desperately needed.