Wednesday 16 January 2019

Wednesday Watching (1) - Favourite Recent Shows

I'd like to talk about films and shows every now and then because I'm a huge fan of those as well, not just books.

TV is a weakness of mine, and I love far too many shows and love far too many of those precious characters. And I think I invest far too much time...but they're stories as well, aren't they?

In this post, I'd like to talk about a few shows that I've watched in the last twelve months, and that I think are worth mentioning.

I could probably go on and on and on and for hours and list four dozen shows and not stop there.

I'll keep it at ten for now, and might make a second favourite recent shows in a few weeks. 
The ten shows I liked most in 2018.
Grace and Frankie - This is a wonderful show about getting older with Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda. Their husbands come out to them, after having had an affair for twenty years, and suddenly they find themselves alone, and they don't particularly like each other, at least at first. It's got a lot of heart and is well worth everyone's time. I love the characters a lot and can't wait for the next season. Netflix Original.

Sex Education - Another Netflix Original. This one has Gillian Anderson. Spoiler Alert: I love Gillian Anderson. It just dropped last week, but already I think it's well worth a watch. It's about teenagers, but those teenagers are lovable.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - A musical comedy drama that tackles mental health in a wonderful, wonderful way. Feminist, diverse and uplifting. In the UK on Netflix and in the US on CW.

Transparent - About a transgender parent and her family. This one is an Amazon Original.

The Good Place - NBC, but on Netflix in the UK. A wonderful comedy about four people who died and find themselves in heaven. Tackles philosophy, morals and ethics in a heartwarming way. Have rarely seen anything so innovative.

Bojack Horseman - This is animated, but it tackles mental health, depression and anxiety in a heartbreaking way. It's very dark and sad, but also such an important piece of art. Netflix Original.

Glow - Netflix Original. Women wrestling in the 80's. It's amazing, believe me.

Dark - A German series about time travel that simply blew my mind. Possibly the most entertaining and mind-fucking experience of 2018. It's on Netflix. It's worth watching in German with subtitles.

Bodyguard - BBC. A UK minister and her bodyguard with politics, terrorism and quite a bit of intrigue.

Killing Eve - BBC America/BBC. An assassin and the woman who hunts her. Funny, dark, wonderful. A treat to watch.

I'm always looking for recommendations. What TV shows do you love the most? To give you an idea of some of my all-time favourites, these are the four shows I'd take on a deserted island that happens to have electricity.
  • Parks and Recreation (if you're into comedy, this is gold)
  • Mad Men (possibly the best show I've ever seen)
  • Battlestar Galactica (my favourite sci-fi show, but I've not yet seen Babylon 5)
  • Cold Case (crime, but so so so good!)


  1. I'm so gonna recommend you some shows, haha!

    So you said you didn't like Brooklyn Nine Nine (right?), so that's out..
    Umm...what about Broadchurch? It's a crime thriller series (three seasons, but each season follows a specific case) centred in a small English town. It's excellent and addictive. Stars David Tennant.

    There's also Unforgotten. I think it's on Netflix? Also a crime thriller series. So so brilliant.

    Have you tried Sherlock? Another thrilling gem.

    I loved Bodyguard! It was great fun.

    Can't think of any more shows right now, but I'll be back if one comes to mind!

    1. I actually got into Brookly 99, now during the second season. I'm slowly watching it whenever we need something light.

      I've seen the first season of Broadchurch. Need to watch the other two, and soon.

      I will look into Unforgotten. Thank you.

    2. Oh yay ok :)

      Season 2 isn't as good...very soapy and overdone. But season 3 is excellent.

  2. I've never seen any of these shows (I'm not a TV watcher) but funnily enough just the other idea I saw a random video on YouTube from The Ellen Show and her guests were Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. They were so hilarious together. :)

  3. I loved Cold Case! Shame it isn't around anymore. If you need a recommendation for a short, but awesome series, check out The Innocents - it's only 8 episodes, and a mix of English and Norwegian.

  4. I totally agree about Dark. LOVED it and need S2. I've been really enjoying European shows on Netflix in the last year or so...

  5. The Good Place is one I started but never finished. I am going to try and keep going with it! I need to watch Killing Eve at some point. Cold Case is one we often have on the tv in the background. I do like it ^.^

  6. I just finished watching Bodyguard on Netflix and really liked it. The Good Place is a household favorite for us. My husband and I love it.

    I saw the first season of the Battlestar Galactica remake (I watched the original growing up--it was one of my dad's favorites), and kept meaning to watch more. I liked what I saw. And I enjoyed Man Men. I really want to check out Killing Eve and now you have me wanting to watch Dark.