Wednesday 10 October 2018

Three Crows Magazine: The First Issue

I've got a bit of self-promotion incoming here, because I've actually worked on this (reading, editing, interviewing).

And I love what it turned into. Love the stories. Love the cover. Especially the cover. Look at that wonderful art.

Much of it can be found on the website.

The first issue features six short stories, two interviews and two reviews.

Alex, the founder and editor-in-chief, spoke with Anna Smith Spark about her new book, The Tower of Living and Dying. The interview can be found here. Anna writes grimdark fantasy with a literary twist and is probably already on your radar if that's the kind of fiction you enjoy.

The other interview is with one of my favourite authors, Adrian Tchaikovsky, and if you think the interviewer sounds a bit nervous, it's because it's me, and I was! Audio and transcript can be found here. We talked about his books and the craft and the fact the man loves spiders.

Alex has since interviewed RJ Barker, author of the Wounded Kingdom. Fantastic fantasy trilogy, with a disabled protagonist and a wonderful coming of age story. The interview can be found here.

Three Crows Magazine reviewed The Tower of Living and Dying by Anna Smith Spark, and The Mere Wife by Maria Dahvana Headley.

Check out our fabulous cover artist, Cze Peku.

The six stories range from sci-fi to urban fantasy.

The Animals of Ure by Daryna Stremetska which can be read in either English or Ukrainian (the original is Ukrainian) is an SF story about two men landing on an unknown planet to hunt an animal for their king's zoo. Read it on the website!

Deciding Vote by Michael Kellichner can be read here. It's a fantastic story, well worth checking out, and captured my attention from the very start.

High, High Country by Brandon Daubs is a haunting story told in a way that made me shiver more than once. It's unusual and offers great tension.

Diplomatic Immunity by Daniel M. Kimmel can be read here. This piece is pure fun and made me laugh. Humans and aliens, ready to meet in person. What could go wrong? I think this may have been my favourite, simply because these days uplifting and humorous fiction means a lot to me.

Folk Hunters, by Kate Karl Lanier is about a girl hiding from monsters on a train.

Fathom by J.S. Rogers offers a team of scientists exploring an ocean. And there's nothing out there, or is there?

Check out the magazine:

Buy the 1st Issue:

If you happen to check it out, let me know what you think. We're currently working on the second issue.


  1. I love a good genre magazine- this one looks fantastic. And yes that cover art is amazing. :)

    1. Thank you, Greg. It's very exciting to work on something like this!

  2. Congratulations on your magazine! I really enjoyed reading The Animals of Ure. Honestly, if a giant bug flew at me and was capable of knocking me off of a cliff, I think I would have ran faster that you can say "bye".

    Elle Inked @ Keep on Reading