Friday, 31 May 2019

New on my Shelves (5)

I attended London MCM Comic-Con at the Excel last weekend and walked away with a few new books all signed by fantastic authors.
I love that they're doing author corners now. Who knows, perhaps one day, we'll get to lure George Martin to London.
  • Adrian Tchaikovsky's Children of Ruin, of course. He doodled an octopus for us. Here's my review.
  • Claire North's The Gameshouse, without even reading the blurb or the back. She's on my will buy anything from her list.
  • RJ Barker's Age of Assassins. My review can be found here. RJ is a wonderful human being.
  • And Jen William's The Ninth Rain; it came with a dragon doodle, and I can't wait to dive into it.
Octopus vs. dragon
Blue reading RJ's book

And finally, have I ever shown you the gift I received from my other half? My favourite books, plus a Doctor Who quote:
What is new on your shelves? Let me know in the comments.


  1. Book events are so much fun. Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed by the crowds but it’s still fun to meet the authors face to face and get books personalized. I love the dragon doodle. :) And the gift from your partner... wow!!! I love that! It’s so personal and thoughtful. She scored big with that one. :)

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