Sunday 4 August 2019

Looking for Something new to Read?

Happy Sunday to everyone, and I wish you all a successful August.

I've got two links to share with you this Sunday. One is a science fiction and fantasy Kindle Unlimited campaign. It's a StoryOrigin link - a platform that allows authors to pull together and share their books. (Seriously, if you're an indie writer and you're trying your hands at marketing, check it out!)

All books are currently enrolled in KU and will be for the remainder of August.

Click here to see the list of books that are part of this campaign.

The other link is a bunch of authors looking for ARC readers. Have a browse, and if you think you might enjoy any of the following books, approach the author for a review copy. Click here, if you'd like to find a new book to review from indie authors.

And finally, because dogs make everything better, have a Lola with her pig:

How is everyone doing? Let me know in the comments.

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