Thursday 18 August 2016

Social Media: Litsy

I discovered Litsy today and I would love if you'd follow me @Vinjii

I love social media applications. The idea of sharing and talking to people with the same interests as you has always been fascinating to me.

Litsy offers great book discussions. There's a bunch of really cool people who have a lot to say on there.

It's only on iOS for the moment but they're working on an Android app and are currently beta testing it.
The community consists of readers, authors and other people who love books and who create short posts with pictures, blurbs and quotes about the books they're reading (or want to read.)

It's a social media app, so of course you have a profile and can follow other people. Each update made is tied to a specific book. You can also search for a book and read what others have said about it so far. Of course it's also possible to add books to a to-read list or rate them. I love the concept and hope a lot of you will join.

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