Monday 7 January 2019

Novella: Rise of a Sky Pirate by L.L. McNeil

Title: Rise of a Sky Pirate
Author: L.L. McNeil
Genre: Fantasy
My Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Source: Digital copy provided by the author

Amazon UK, Goodreads
This is a novella in the World of Linaria series. I've reviewed the first book, Moroda, here. And the second book, Palom, here.

Plot Summary: At fifteen, Amarah ran away from the mage city of Berel, her birthplace.
Unable to use magic and unable to read, she flees to the other side of the world to forge a new life for herself. But all she manages to do is serve Goldstone nobility and sweat in kitchens—hardly an improvement.
When an opportunity to escape servitude presents itself, Amarah cannot resist the temptation to take it. Yet there is no reward without risk, and the Varkain lurking in the city's shadows are sure to make her aware of her folly.
Amarah will have to use all her cunning just to survive, and bravado is not enough when it comes to thwarting the sky pirates who are trying to steal from the most sacred—and dangerous—place of all: the dragons.
Discover Amarah's journey from street urchin to sky pirate set twenty years before the events of World of Linaria Book 1: Moroda.
I received a digital version of this novella (102 pages) from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Find the author's website here.

What did I think?

Six months after the release of Palom, the heart-wrenching second instalment in the World of Linaria series, L.L. McNeil released a novella about Amarah, the main protagonist of the next book, which isn't out yet.

Amarah is the sky-pirate from Moroda, that so many readers fell in love with. She swears, kicks ass, is confident and flies her own airship, Khanna. She's an extremely well developed character, and I was overjoyed to learn that she was the one the novella would be about.

In this short tale she's only fifteen years old and not yet quite so confident. She struggles as a maid looking for an opportunity to make something of her life when she runs into some trouble and consequently meets Traego. Thrown into a ragtag group of pirates and thieves she's presented with the opportunity to make friends for life and escape her own circumstances.

LL McNeil's prose is immensely readable and flows beautifully, making this a short, pleasurable read. Rise of a Sky Pirate offers non-stop action and will be a treat for all fans of the series.

Moroda, the first book, has been entered into Mark Lawrence's SPFBO contest this year and made the semi-finals. It's the start to the series, and I highly recommend it to any fans of epic fantasy who are looking for something hopeful and uplifting with air-ships, dragons and sky-pirates. The series tackles themes that will appeal to both adults and older teenagers making this a perfect introduction to fantasy for fans new to the genre.

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